The CAPE-OPEN 2019 Annual Meeting will be organized on October 22 and October 23, 2019 at Shell Technology Centre Amsterdam (STCA), home to around 1000 employees – technologists, researchers, engineers, lab assistants, consultants and others. CO-LaN Management Board thanks Shell for making available the meeting space necessary for the meeting.

CO-LaN is therefore calling for presentations by representatives of Associate and Full Members as well as by any other party outside CO-LaN. CAPE-OPEN Annual Meetings are open to all.

Presentations are welcome on use of CAPE-OPEN, both in software development and software usage, on needs to be met by CAPE-OPEN, both in terms of specifications and implementations. Please drop a message with Michel PONS on your plans to present and to attend the meeting.

For anyone considering attending, please have a look at the contents of the recent meetings held at Linde in 2016, at BP in 2017 and at BASF in 2018. CAPE-OPEN Annual Meetings provide a unique opportunity to discuss and exchange about CAPE-OPEN. Everyone is welcome.