The CAPE-OPEN 2019 Annual Meeting is organized on October 22 and October 23, 2019 at Shell Technology Centre Amsterdam (STCA), home to around 1000 employees – technologists, researchers, engineers, lab assistants, consultants and others. CO-LaN Management Board thanks Shell for making available the meeting space necessary for the meeting. This meeting is one of a long list of similar events such as the ones held at Linde in 2016, at BP in 2017 and at BASF in 2018. CAPE-OPEN Annual Meetings provide a unique opportunity to discuss and exchange about CAPE-OPEN. Everyone is welcome.

Presentations are discussing use of CAPE-OPEN, both in software development and software usage, needs to be met by CAPE-OPEN, both in terms of specifications and implementations.

October 22, 2019 morning

Start End Mode Presenter and title
8:45 9:00 Welcome Richard BAUR (Shell): Welcome address
9:00 10:00 Live Anders THOSDRUP (Shell): The IOGP Capital Facilities Information Handover Specification and its relation to other standards
10:00 10:25 Live Martin HORSCH (UK Research and Innovation): VIrtual Materials Market Place project and its possible relationship with CAPE-OPEN.
10:25 10:45 Break
10:45 11:15 Remote Ralf NOTZ (BASF): CAPE-OPEN interface boosts your engineering workflow
11:15 11:40 Live Gregor TOLKSDORF (Evonik): Evonik’s vision of process simulation in the near future: How could CAPE-OPEN come into play?
11:40 12:05 Live Jasper van BATEN (AmsterCHEM): Activity report of the Thermo SIG Special Interest Group
12:05 12:30 Live Nefeli NOVAK (National Technical University of Athens): UMR-PRU thermodynamic model: application to natural gas processing


October 22, 2019 afternoon

Start End Mode Presenter and title
13:30 13:55 Live Klaus MOLLER (University of Cape Town): The use of CAPE-OPEN tools in research at the University of Cape Town
13:55 14:20 Live Richard SZCZEPANSKI (KBC): Development of the Multiflash CAPE-OPEN Interface
14:20 14:45 Live Steven FULK (Optimized Gas Treating, Inc.): ProTreat® a CAPE-OPEN Unit Operation
14:45 15:15 Live Michael HLAVINKA (Bryan Research & Engineering): Methods & Tools SIG report
15:15 15:35 Break
15:35 16:00 Live Jasper van BATEN (AmsterCHEM): Using COSMOtherm predictions in process simulations
16:00 16:25 Live Mark STIJNMAN (Shell): Towards CAPE-OPEN 2 – Thinking about the future
16:25 16:55 Live Malcolm WOODMAN (Consultant): Business requirements of Certification
16:55 18:00 Discussion Malcolm WOODMAN (Consultant): Round table discussion


October 23, 2019 morning

Start End Mode Presenter and title
8:30 09:15 AGM Richard BAUR (Shell): Annual General Meeting of CO-LaN Members
09:15 09:45 Live Kannan MOUDGALYA (Indian Institute of Technology Bombay): Raising the working levels of the chemical engineering community through process simulation
09:45 10:15 Break
10:15 10:45 Live Krishna Murthy PENUKONDA (AVEVA): Activity report of UNIT SIG
10:45 11:15 Live David KRONE (TU Berlin): Mixed-Integer Optimization in GAMS using CAPE-OPEN Thermodynamics via MOSAICmodeling and COBIA for Conceptual Design
11:15 11:45 Live Malcolm WOODMAN: Activity report of the Interoperability SIG
11:45 12:15 Live Malcolm WOODMAN (Consultant): Technical requirements for the development of the Certification Test Software


Current list of attendees: 32

While the representatives from UPC Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (Professor Luis PUIGJANER) and ChemSep (Professor Ross TAYLOR) will unfortunately be unable to attend due to other activities and have sent their best wishes for the success of the meeting, CO-LaN is pleased to welcome many representatives from its Members to the meeting as well as representatives from organizations which are not in CO-LaN:

  • Krishna Murthy PENUKONDA, Senior Principal Software Development Engineer and representative of AVEVA™,
  • Loïc d’Anterroches, Founder / Manager and representative of Céondo GmbH,
  • Ayooluwa AKINTOLA and Lanrewaju FAJIMI, researchers at University of Johannesburg,
  • Julie COUTURIER and Stéphane LE ROUX, development engineers at BelSim Engineering,
  • David GIBBONS and David OAKLEY, respectively Director, Engineering Software Development and Principal Development Engineer at Heat Transfer Research, Inc,
  • Steven FULK, Technical Director at Optimized Gas Treating, Inc.,
  • Kathryn YEARSLEY, representative of BP in CO-LaN,
  • Michael HLAVINKA, Technical Director at Bryan Research & Engineering LLC,
  • Martin HORSCH, Computational Data Scientist at UK Research & Innovation,
  • Professor Klaus MÖLLER, University of Cape Town,
  • Vassilis KOULOCHERIS and Nefeli NOVAK, researchers at National Technical University of Athens,
  • Peter NELLEN,
  • Oliver KOCH, Head of Physical Property Group at Linde Engineering,
  • Professor Kannan MOUDGALYA, Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay,
  • Ruud GROENEN, Senior Researcher Gas Processing, Coen PIETERSE, Process Engineer IT modeling, Daniel ERIKSEN, Mark STIJNMAN and Richard BAUR of Shell,
  • Jasper van BATEN (AmsterCHEM),
  • David KRONE, Research Assistant, and Erik ESCHE, Group Leader at Technische Universität Berlin,
  • Richard SZCZEPANSKI and Behnam SALIMI, respectively Senior Advisor and Senior Consultant at KBC,
  • Gregor TOLKSDORF, from Digital Solutions and Operations at Evonik Technology & Infrastructure GmbH,
  • Malcolm WOODMAN, leader of the Interoperability SIG as individual Member of CO-LaN and contractor to CO-LaN.