The CAPE-OPEN Laboratories Network (CO-LaN) held the CAPE-OPEN 2015 Annual Meeting on October 13 and October 14, 2015 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The event, organized by CO-LaN, was hosted by Shell Global Solutions at the Shell Technology Centre Amsterdam (STCA), home to around 1000 employees – technologists, researchers, engineers, lab assistants, consultants and others.


The CAPE-OPEN 2015 Annual Meeting was intended for developers and end-users of process simulation software. Participants learnt about the most recent implementations of CAPE-OPEN, about what benefits CAPE-OPEN may bring and what technical progress CO-LaN has achieved over the past year. The Annual General Meeting of CO-LaN Members was also a part of the event.

The CAPE-OPEN 2015 Annual Meeting started on October 13 morning and ended after lunch on October 14.

List of presentations:

Technical standards in Shell by Andries OTTER

CAPE-OPEN Update in PRO/II v9.4 & v9.3 by Krishna Murthy PENUKONDA (Schneider Electric)

Challenges replacing native extensions with a CAPE-Open property package by Mark STIJNMAN (Shell Global Solutions)

ChemSep / CAPE-OPEN Property Package by Harry KOOIJMAN (ChemSep)

Thermo SIG report by Sergej BLAGOV (BASF)

Multiflash Thermo Package Developments: Support for Multithreaded CO Clients by Richard SZCZEPANSKI (KBCAT)

COCO 3.0 Some experiences with multi-threading by Jasper van BATEN (AmsterCHEM)

MOSAIC: Self-made CAPE-OPEN Unit Operations without programming knowledge by Gregor TOLKSDORF (TU Berlin)

M&T SIG report by Bill BARRETT (presented by Jasper van BATEN on his behalf)

Open discussion on Versioning and Self-certification by Bryn STENHOUSE and Michel PONS

CO-LaN status report by Malcolm WOODMAN (CO-LaN President and BP representative)

Linde’s perspective on CAPE-OPEN by Oliver KOCH (Linde)

CO-LaN website by Michel PONS

Some advices on Unit Operation interfaces by Leo BENCY (presented by Michel PONS)

UNIT SIG report by Krishna Murthy PENUKONDA (Schneider Electric)