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As a strategic move, BASF has decided to integrate CAPE-OPEN technology throughout its software solution in the area of CAPE, called ProcessNet.

Furthermore, BASF is motivating software vendors to supply CAPE-OPEN interfaces for their solutions in order to simplify the integration with other commercial tools or software from the ProcessNet environment in the long run.

Applications of such standardizations are the integration of e.g. the use of Aspen Properties or the Multiflash thermodynamic properties package from Infochem into Aspen Plus, PSE’s gProms and in house ProcessNet.

This will enable BASF to integrate tailored equations of state with process simulation software. Especially in this area, the CAPE-OPEN standard is appreciated to bring together design activities for high-pressure synthesis steps and separation parts that are currently being performed in separate models.

First applications use Multiflash with CHEMASIM.

Furthermore, the use of thermodynamic property models for electrolyte materials is considered as an important scenario of using the CAPE-OPEN standards because complete packages can easily be bought and integrated instead of tackling the large effort to extend existing in-house packages.