Part of CAPE-OPEN standard versions 1.0 and 1.1.

The COSE (CAPE-OPEN Simulation Environment) Interfaces or PME Interfaces are horizontal interface specifications. They define services provided by CAPE-OPEN compliant PMEs. Services of general use are defined, such as diagnostics and Material Template system in order to be called by any CAPE-OPEN PMC using a callback pattern.

COSE Simulation Context Interface SpecificationCOSE_Simulation_Context_Interface (current document: issued in August 2003)

The Diagnostic interface allows communication of verbose information from the PMC to the PME (and hence to the user). PMCs should be able to log or display information to the user while executing a flowsheet
The Material Template interface provides the mechanisms for accessing CAPE-OPEN Property Packages managed by the COSE, in order to allow PMCs to directly choose and configure material objects as needed.
The COSE Utilities provide a small list of other useful functions. This document results from polishing the document issued by the Global CAPE-OPEN project. No change in design. In the following table are listed a number of NamedValues that either are defined within the CAPE-OPEN standards documentation, or are in use in selected PMEs or are considered for inclusion in the CAPE-OPEN standards by a Special Interest Group. Please communicate about any additional NamedValue you would like to enter in this table.

FreeFORTRANChannelCapeLongThe COSE will return a different FORTRAN channel each time this NamedValue is called for this property. The COSE may not use any of the returned FORTRAN channels for any internally used FORTRAN module.Standard
HTMLReportSupportCapeBooleanPME advertises to PMCs that HTML format is  acceptedStandard
DefaultThermoVersionSelect thermodynamic version to match that of the Property Package in use so that the PME does not need to translate, for Unit Operations that support both thermodynamic versionsCOCO
SimplifiedModelRequestCapeBooleanInform Unit Operations that they should not run with full physics, but give an answer suitable for initializing a guess for the flowsheet.COCO
AbortCalculationCapeBooleanUnit Operations should poll for this during lengthy calculationsUNIT
ResetOnValidateCapeBooleanUsed to wipe internal guess values for a Unit Operation upon resetUNIT
ImageWidthCapeIntegerPME advertises the preferred width for digital images provided by PMCs in their reports: represents the horizontal size of the image in pixels.ICapeReport
ImageHeightCapeIntegerPME advertises the preferred height for digital images provided by PMCs in their reports: represents the vertical size of the image in pixels.ICapeReport
ImageResolutionCapeRealPME advertises the preferred resolution for digital images provided by PMCs in their reports: defines the detail an image holds. Expressed in pixels per meter.ICapeReport
CharacterEncodingCapeStringPME advertises the preferred character encoding to be used by PMCs for text-based reports. Common values are “UTF-8” and “UTF-16” (case insensitive).ICapeReport


Errata & ClarificationsCOSE_Errata_and_Correction_1.0.3 (current document: issued on February 17, 2014)

Complements the COSE Simulation Context Interface Specification document

The Errata and Clarifications document for the COSE Simulation Context Interface specification clarifies several aspects of the NamedValue list.