Photo by Johannes Plenio. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons 4.0 license.

CO-LaN is pleased to announce the CAPE-OPEN 2024 Annual Meeting, scheduled for October 8-9, 2024. This event continues our tradition of providing valuable insights into CAPE-OPEN, its applications, and its ongoing development.

We are excited to host this year’s meeting at the Technical University Berlin, a renowned institution known for its commitment to innovation and excellence.

This edition will bring together a diverse group of participants to engage in meaningful discussions and share their experiences. The agenda will feature contributions on the use and implementation of CAPE-OPEN technology, ensuring a rich exchange of knowledge and ideas.

Additionally, we will offer a training course on CAPE-OPEN from midday on 9 October , providing attendees with hands-on experience in developing applications using CAPE-OPEN technology and applying it in process simulation.

Stay tuned for more information on the agenda, accommodation, and registration. For now, use this .ics file to mark your calendars and make plans to join us in Berlin for this event.

For additional information please contact .