address : High Cross
Madingley Road

Approval date : 30/1/2001

As of October 2018, Schneider Electric Software LLC is being substituted by AVEVA™ Group plc. Schneider Electric Software LLC, as INVENSYS/SimSci, was already a member of the Global CAPE-OPEN project and went on to be a CO-LaN Corporate Associate Member. Dave BLUCK, senior technologist at SimSci, has served as its representative in CO-LaN till September 2018. In October 2018,  Krishna Murthy PENUKONDA has been designated as representative of AVEVA™ Group, plc.

CAPE-OPEN related activities

Krishna Murthy PENUKONDA is the leader of the UNIT Special Interest Group.

Participation to meetings organized by CO-LaN:

June 2018: review of the proposal of an economic dimension.

September 2018: review of the Custom Data interface specification.