Logo of National Technical University of AthensAt the CAPE-OPEN 2019 Annual Meeting, Vassilis KOULOCHERIS presented (access PDF here) on the UMR-PRU thermodynamic model developed at the Laboratory of Thermodynamics and Transport Phenomena of the National Technical University of Athens. This work is co-authored with N. Novak, A. Plakia, E. Petropoulou, Ch. Boukouvalas, V. Louli, G. Pappa, E. Voutsas also from National Technical University of Athens.


UMR-PRU is an EoS/GE thermodynamic model that has been developed by the Thermodynamics & Transport Phenomena Laboratory at NTUA. It combines the Peng-Robinson equation of state with the UNIFAC activity coefficient model. UMR-PRU has been successfully applied for predicting dew points, liquid dropouts and thermodynamic properties of natural gas and other petroleum fluids, as well as their phase equilibria with water, glycols, acid gases and mercury.

In this presentation, the implementation of UMR-PRU in process simulation software (Aspen HYSYS, UniSim Design) through CAPE-OPEN is discussed.

Some examples of process simulation with UMR-PRU are presented, such as a simplified natural gas processing plant, a TEG dehydration unit, and flash separators with attached reactions concerning acid gas-alkanolamine-water mixtures. Finally, some encountered challenges and possible new applications are discussed.