The business and affairs of the Society are governed by its Management Board, which possesses all of the powers of the Society, and is elected by the General Assembly of Members among the Full Members. The Management Board comprises at least the President of the Board, the Treasurer and the Secretary. The Management Board can add extra members as appropriate between General Meetings and these additions will be ratified at the next General Meeting.

The Management Board meets at least once every six months upon convocation by the Chairman of the Board. Decisions are taken by a simple majority of votes, except for decisions on the deprivation of membership which have to be taken by a 2/3 majority of votes. The Chairman of the Board has a deciding vote in case of even numbers of votes for or against a decision. Vote by proxy is possible. Each member in the Management Board can be represented if necessary by another member of the Board, with a limit of two such proxies. A quorum of four Directors, present or represented, is requested for all decisions of the Management Board. All meetings of the Management Board are minuted. The Management Board can hold virtual meetings by way of teleconference, videoconferences or other means.

Following the elections held at the CAPE-OPEN 2022 Annual Meeting, the Board of Directors has the following composition:

Chairman: Shell represented by Dr Richard BAUR

The Chairman of the Board represents the Society in all acts of life. The Chairman of the Board has, in particular, authority to be party to legal proceedings for the Society.

Treasurer: Air Liquide represented by Dr Philippe ARPENTINIER

The Treasurer executes or directs the execution of the accounting of the Society. He makes all payments and receives all amounts due to the Society, under the control of the Chairman of the Board. The Treasurer may not dispose of the reserve fund of the Society without authorisation from the Management Board. The Treasurer maintains an up-to-date accounting of all financial and cash flow operations and reports to the Annual General Meeting of Members, which must approve the accounting made by the Treasurer.

Secretary: BP represented by Dr Kathryn YEARSLEY

The Secretary is responsible for all of the mail and archives of the Society. The Secretary writes minutes of the meetings and assemblies, and, more generally all texts relative to the operation of the Society, except financial matters.

Member: BASF represented by Dr Norbert ASPRION

Member: Dow represented by Michael BERGER

Member: Linde represented by Dr Oliver KOCH

See past compositions of CO-LaN Management Board.