DOLLAR BAGMonetary gifts of any size help CO-LaN’s trajectory of progress towards standardization of interoperability between computer-aided process engineering (CAPE) software.

According to its bylaws (French, English) CO-LaN may receive direct monetary gifts from its Members and from any third party. Direct monetary gifts to CO-LaN do not qualify for tax deduction.

In 2021 and till at least the end of 2025, CO-LaN has engaged in ambitious development projects with COBIA and the tester suite being the major software development projects.

After successfully completing its Phase II in 2020, COBIA has entered its Phase III with initial deliverables targeted for the CAPE-OPEN 2021 Annual Meeting. The tester suite will have a first prototype build in 2021 for a single category of Process Modelling Components i.e. thermodynamic components. CO-LaN has contracted several organizations/individuals to carry out these developments. By giving to CO-LaN you help in achieving these developments that serve the entire CAPE community.

Please send an email to technologyofficer at for further information on how to give to CO-LaN.