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Expanding Process Modelling Capability
through Software Interoperability Standards


Welcome! CO-LaN (the CAPE-OPEN Laboratories Network) is a neutral industry and academic association promoting open interface standards in process simulation software. CO-LaN members are committed to making Computer Aided Process Engineering (CAPE) easier, faster and less expensive by achieving complete interoperability of CO compliant commercial CAPE software tools. CO-LaN supports and maintains the CAPE-OPEN interface standards. CO-LaN provides a number of software to help developers in their implementation of CAPE-OPEN interfaces. Below are listed the most recent news about CAPE-OPEN (more are available from the news overview). Network and exchange with CAPE-OPEN users and developers on the CAPE-OPEN forums.

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New individual Associate Member
[Posted: December 22, 2013]
December 12, 2013: Dr Ismael DIAZ approved as Associate Member.
AkzoNobel has resigned as a CO-LaN Full Member
[Posted: December 21, 2013]
December 12, 2013: Communication from CO-LaN Management Board.
AIChE 2013 Annual Meeting
[Posted: March 5, 2013 - Updated June 6, 2013]
Nov 3-8, 2013: CAPE-OPEN papers to be presented
2013 SimSci Client Conference
[Posted: October 21, 2013]
October 14-17, 2013: HTRI and PSE present on CAPE-OPEN technology.
CAPE-OPEN 2013 Annual Meeting
[Posted: April 19, 2013]
September 18-19, 2013: CO-LaN organizes its annual meeting in Lyon, France. Look for regular updates.
CAPE-OPEN 2012 Award
[Posted: September 24, 2013]
September 18, 2013: Daniel WAGNER receives the CAPE-OPEN 2012 Award.
RFC on Hydro specification relaunched
[Posted: September 17, 2013]
September 16, 2013: CO-LaN is seeking your input till October 31, 2013 on hydrodynamic specification.
New Individual Associate Member
[Posted: September 16, 2013]
September 12, 2013: CO-LaN Management Board welcomes Dean LATHAM as new individual Associate Member.
New publication related to CAPE-OPEN
[Posted: September 17, 2013]
August 27, 2013: A team at Technical University of Madrid uses Matlab model in Aspen Plus through CAPE-OPEN.
New individual Associate Members
[Posted: May 16, 2013]
Discover five new individual Associate Members.
Future Directions for CAPE-OPEN interfaces
[Posted: April 25, 2013]
April 11, 2013: Management Board publishes feedback on vendors session held Sep 18, 2013.
COLTT Roadmap updated
[Posted: April 29, 2013]
March 20, 2013: Updated COLTT Roadmap authorized for public release
MultiFlash license renewed for one year
[Posted: February 17, 2013]
February 8, 2013: Infochem renews for one year the MultiFlash license granted to CO-LaN for interoperability testing
Lunch and Learn on CAPE-OPEN at Shell
[Posted: March 5, 2013]
February 7, 2013: Lunch and Learn event organized at Shell in Asmterdam on CAPE-OPEN.
Clarifications brought to Thermo 1.1
[Posted: February 4, 2013]
Errata and Clarifications document in Thermo 1.1 authorized for public release
Change of Dow representative in CO-LaN
[Posted: January 31, 2013]
January 31, 2013: Yow-lin HUANG replaces Thomas KOEHLER as Dow representative in CO-LaN.

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