Specification Documents

Thermodynamics & Physical Properties

Specification Document

CAPE-OPEN focuses on uniform fluids that are mixtures of pure components or pseudo-components. The operations that have been provided with standardised interfaces are those required for the calculation of phase equilibria as well as other commonly used thermodynamic and transport properties. A key concept is that of a Material Object. Typically, each distinct material appearing in a process (in streams flowing between unit operations, as well as within individual unit operations) is characterized by one such object.



Focuses on the solution algorithms that are necessary for carrying out steady state and dynamic simulation of lumped systems: for the solution of large, sparse systems of non-linear algebraic equations (NLAEs) and mixed (ordinary) differential and algebraic equations (DAEs). Introduces new concepts: models and the equation set object (ESO), which is a software abstraction of a set of non-linear algebraic or mixed (ordinary) differential and algebraic equations.

Unit Operations

Specification Document

CAPE-OPEN defines a comprehensive set of standard interfaces for unit operation modules being used within modular and steady-state PMEs. A unit operation module may have several ports that allow it to be connected to other modules.


Common Interfaces

It is a collection of interfaces that support basic functions and are independent of business interfaces.

General Documents

  • Roadmap

    Aimed at the user of the CAPE-OPEN standard. Gives guidance on what other documents s(he) should consult. Draws the attention of different categories of users on how CAPE-OPEN standard would be valuable for them and how they could exploit the standard further.

  • Methods and Tools Integrated Guidelines

    Gathers a number of architectural and technical issues in order to offer to the CAPE-OPEN interface designers and CAPE-OPEN compliant components developers all the generic information needed. Acts as reference material for further developing and implementing interfaces specific to the process simulation domain.

  • Synthesis Report

    A good starting point providing an overview of the CAPE-OPEN standard. Relates mostly to the initial CAPE-OPEN project: its technical achievements are presented.

  • Type Libraries and Primary Interop Assemblies

    The entire set of textual CAPE-OPEN interface specifications is translated into Interface Definition Language (IDL) and transcribed into Type Libraries and Primary Interop Assemblies which are distributed through dedicated installation packages. Click on More for details (Note: installation packages are not accessible through the version buttons).



Deprecated interface specifications

Gives access to versions of the CAPE-OPEN standard that are not supposed to be used any more since they have been deprecated by CO-LaN.