Logo of KBCPicture iof Richard SZCZEPANSKI, Senior Advisor at KBC. 2020Richard SZCZEPANSKI, Senior Advisor at KBC (A Yokogawa Company) and Behnam SALIMI (Senior developer at KBC) presented (access PDF here) at the CAPE-OPEN 2019 Annual Meeting. Richard has been involved with CAPE-OPEN since the Global CAPE-OPEN project, being instrumental in developing version 1.1 of the CAPE-OPEN Thermodynamic and Physical Properties interface specification. He has participated to many CAPE-OPEN Annual Meetings (2017, 2018), presenting on various aspects of CAPE-OPEN technology embedded in MultiFlash over the years as well more generally at KBC (2017). Richard, recipient of the CAPE-OPEN 2002 Award, is also an active member of the UNIT Special Interest Group


Richard and Behnam review the current status of the Multiflash CO Thermo interface in the upcoming release of version 7.1. The plan for future versions is to replace the current COM interface with COBIA. They describe the  progress to date and the challenges along the way.