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The CAPE-OPEN 2020 Annual Meeting, organized by CO-LaN, is intended for developers and end-users of process simulation software. Participants learn about the most recent implementations of CAPE-OPEN, about the benefits CAPE-OPEN brings and the technical progress CO-LaN has achieved over the past year. The event is open to all, not just to organizations or individuals who are members of the CAPE-OPEN Laboratories Network (CO-LaN). The 2020 Annual General Meeting (AGM) of CO-LaN is an integral part of the event.

Due to the travel restrictions arising under the COVID-19 pandemic the meeting was held, for the first time, as a virtual online session rather than the traditional physical conference.

The list of presentations is now available as well as most recordings of the presentations.


October 14, 2020 (all times are Central European Summer Time)

October 15, 2020 (all times are Central European Summer Time)


CO-LaN was very pleased to register more than 90 participants to the event. Approximately 40-50 people attended each presentation. Registrations were from: