• CAPE-OPEN 2022 Award

    Recipient : Martin GAINVILLE

    for his enduring commitment and significant contributions applying CAPE-OPEN to flow assurance

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  • CAPE-OPEN 2021 Award

    Recipient : Professor Klaus Möller

    for the promotion of the CAPE-OPEN standard in academic teaching and research

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  • CAPE-OPEN 2018 Award

    Recipient : Process Dynamics and Operations Group of Technische Universität Berlin

    for MOSAICmodeling’s innovative code generation supporting CAPE-OPEN

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  • CAPE-OPEN 2017 Award

    Recipient : ChemSep

    for their pioneering and unflinching efforts to develop CAPE-OPEN to a successful business opportunity

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  • CAPE-OPEN 2016 Award

    Recipient : Bryan Research & Engineering LLC

    in recognition of their accurate and fast implementation of the CAPE-OPEN interfaces within ProMax® and their valuable contributions to the Unit and Methods & Tools Special Interest Groups.

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  • CAPE-OPEN 2015 Award

    Recipient : Malcolm WOODMAN

    in recognition of his distinguished service for and presidency of CO-LaN, and of his prominent role in maturing CAPE-OPEN from concept to standard

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  • CAPE-OPEN 2014 Award

    Recipient : Sergej BLAGOV

    in recognition for his commitment to the CAPE-OPEN standards and his co-leadership of the Thermo Special Interest Group over the last 6 years

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  • CAPE-OPEN 2013 Award

    Recipient : Krishna Murthy PENUKONDA

    for his contribution to the development of the Petroleum Fractions interface specification and its first implementation in a commercial Process Modelling Environment.

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  • CAPE-OPEN 2012 Award

    Recipient : Daniel WAGNER

    for the first implementation of CAPE-OPEN interfaces in a process modelling environment distributed as open source.

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  • CAPE-OPEN 2011 Award

    Recipient : ProSim SA

    for their active use of the standards and their continuous support for the missions of CO-LaN

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  • CAPE-OPEN 2010 Award

    Recipient : Bertrand BRAUNSCHWEIG

    in recognition of his vision for CAPE-OPEN, his drive and dedication in establishing CO-LaN and his leadership as President of CO-LaN from 2001 to 2004.

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  • CAPE-OPEN 2009 Award

    Recipient : SolidSim Engineering GmbH

    for the successful development of a novel simulator for solids processes based on the CAPE-OPEN standards.

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  • CAPE-OPEN 2008 Award

    Recipient : Bill BARRETT

    in recognition of his activity to ease the use of the CAPE-OPEN standard by the industry

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  • CAPE-OPEN 2007 Award

    Recipient : Peter BANKS

    for being a champion of process simulation interoperability and his dedication to the CAPE-OPEN standards since 1995

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  • CAPE-OPEN 2006 Award

    Recipient : Jasper van BATEN

    for the creation of the CAPE-OPEN based simulator COCO

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