Picture of hotel Campanile Part-Dieu where CAPE-OPEN 2012 Annual Meeting took place.CO-LaN organized the CAPE-OPEN 2013 Annual Meeting on September 18-19, 2013 in Lyon, France. The venue was the same as in 2012.

On September 18, 2013 a training session on how to develop CAPE-OPEN unit operations components using Microsoft Excel and Scilab was given. Eight people attended the session.

In parallel to the training session, a discussion session was organized between Full Members represented on the Management Board and software vendors so that software vendors may express their views regarding the future work to be done by SIGs.

Presentations on work at InoSim Software GmbH and HTRI (Y13_COEU_HTRIDevlpts) were given to all participants to the meeting. The InoSim presentation described how a CAPE-OPEN Thermodynamic socket was developed in a PME targeted at modelling bio and batch processes. The HTRI presentation described two major developments in the coming release of XChanger Suite: a new heat exchanger model (Xpfe) and support for CAPE-OPEN thermodynamic in version 1.1.

The CAPE-OPEN 2012 Award was presented to Daniel WAGNER during the conference dinner.

On September 19, 2013, the Annual General Meeting of CO-LaN members was held and presentations on experiences with CAPE-OPEN were given.

Cesar PERNALETE from PDVSA Intevep described how DWSIM was evaluated, modified and used at PDVSA. Then a report (Y13_COEU_ThermoSIG_2013) on activities of the Thermo Special Interest Group was delivered by its leader, Sergej BLAGOV from BASF SE. Sergej BLAGOV explained concepts retained in the revised version of the Reaction Package interface specification being worked on. Next Sergi SAMA from Virtual Materials Group described how an advanced thermodynamic model in VMGThermo can be easily used in a CAPE-OPEN PME.

Gregor TOLKSDORF explained (Y13_COEU_MOSAIC, Y13_COEU_MOSAICwithnotes) how CAPE-OPEN is present in MOSAIC, a modeling and code generation software tool developed at Technische Universität Berlin. Next, on behalf of its leader Bill BARRETT, Jasper van BATEN gave a report on the activities of the Methods and Tools Special Interest Group, focusing on reviews being performed and on-going developments.

Then Bjorn MARIBO-MOGENSEN from CERE in Denmark described development work done with CAPE-OPEN mostly in the thermodynamic domain. Next Krishna Murthy PENUKONDA from Invensys presented new CAPE-OPEN developments in PRO/II 9.2 and its Service Pack 1 due to be released in October 2013. Malcolm WOODMAN, BP representative at CO-LaN and President of CO-LaN reminded everyone of the Consultancy Services scheme launched by CO-LaN and invited associate members to fill service requests.

Then Jasper van BATEN made a presentation (Y13_COEU_Infochem, Y13_COEU_Infochemwithnotes) on behalf of Infochem about multithreading aspects that need to be considered by CAPE-OPEN components. It was followed by a presentation (Y13_COEU_Honeywell) made on behalf of Honeywell by CO-LaN CTO. The presentation described major improvements brought in CAPE-OPEN capabilities of UniSim Design.

This second day of conference ended with the Special Interest Group on Thermodynamics holding a meeting.

Evaluation of the conference is underway and has been positive so far. CO-LaN thanks all attendees and especially all presenters for interesting and new material they brought to the conference.