Oliver KOCH, Linde Engineering representativeLogo of CO-LaN smallAt the CAPE-OPEN 2020 Annual Meeting, Dr Oliver KOCH (Linde Engineering) reported (access PDF here, access video here) on the progress made by CO-LaN towards certification. Dr Malcolm WOODMAN, contracted by CO-LaN to set up the certification process at CO-LaN, is the co-author of this report.

The presentation starts by a reminder of what was discussed at the CAPE-OPEN 2019 Annual Meeting and how the input gathered led to modifications to the funding model for certification. The five different funding models proposed in 2019 are listed and the feedback received on these proposals is summarized. It is then mentioned that CO-LaN is adopting a new funding model, starting in 2021, with some Associate Members contributing to cover the expenses engaged by CO-LaN. The new funding model for CO-LaN ressembles one of the options proposed for the funding model of certification. A table describing how the funding model applies at different steps and for different parties is then presented and commented, stating explicitely that the cost of certification should reflect the annual fee the Corporate Associate Members are paying and should make becoming a Member of CO-LaN more attractive financially.

Next the technical aspects of certification are discussed and, among these, the different levels at which certification takes place. These levels may be used differently by software vendors, academics and end-users of process simulation software. The development of the self-test suite will focus initially on testing thermodynamic Process Modelling Components. The certification process itself is then outlined. Several questions remain to be answered and feedback is welcome on them. The next immediate steps are then listed. Among these are the initial design of the self-test suite and the establishment of a Certification Special Interest Group at CO-LaN.