Participants to CAPE-OPEN 2007 Annual Meeting, March 8, 2007, Heidelberg, GermanyThe CO-LaN Management Board has organized the CAPE-OPEN 2007 Annual Meeting on March 8 and 9, 2007 in Heidelberg, Germany. The meeting took place at the Crowne Plaza Hotel.

While these events were targeted mostly at the CO-LaN membership, non-member organizations were also welcome at the Showcase and Workshop: Akzo Nobel Chemicals, Linde, Michael Wulkow CiT, RHODIA, SASOL sent attendees. This event was attended by more than 60 participants including representatives from CO-LaN members such as AmsterCHEM, Aspentech, BASF, BP, Belsim, Cosmologic GmbH, DECHEMA e.V., DTU-IVCSEP, Halias Technologies, HTRI, IFP, Infochem Computer Services Ltd., INPT-ENSIACET, Invensys-SimSci, Kongsberg Maritime AS, Max Planck Institute – Magdeburg, Process Systems Enterprise Ltd., ProSim SA, Shell Global Solutions, SHMA Ltd., SINTEF, Technische Universität Hamburg-Harburg, The Dow Chemical Company, TOTAL, TUV NEL Ltd., University of Trieste, US Environmental Protection Agency and Virtual Materials Group.

It comprised a short formal report on CO-LaN activities as well as an Interoperability Showcase and an Interoperability Workshop. The Showcase was made of a number of presentations showing recent developments in CAPE-OPEN technology implementation and usage. In the Workshop, developers of software involving CAPE-OPEN technology interacted to resolve any interoperability issues they had. The agenda was the following:

March 8, 2007

March 9, 2007

  • Interoperability Showcase Session 2a chaired by the Thermo SIG
    • Thermodynamic SIG highlights presented by Werner DREWITZ (BASF)
    • PPDS CAPE-OPEN development – Present Status and Future Plans by Alan SCOTT (TUV NEL)
    • Thermo Wizard for the Implementation of in-house Property Packages by Jean-Charles DE HEMPTINNE (IFPEN)
    • Experiences in interfacing the IK-CAPE Thermodynamic package to CAPE-OPEN by Lars von WEDEL (AixCAPE e.v.)
  • Interoperability Showcase session 2b chaired by the Unit SIG
    • Unit Operation SIG highlights by Richard BAUR (Shell Global Solutions)
    • Remote operation of CAPE-OPEN compliant software by Laurent TESTARD (Halias Technologies)
    • A CAPE-OPEN Unit Operation for the evaluation of Environmental Impact of a Chemical Process by Laetitia TOMA (University of Trieste)
    • Transient Productivity Index Unit Operation by Martin GAINVILLE (IFPEN)
    • Refining Reactor SIG by Ignasi PALOU-RIVERA (BP)
    • PRO/II PetroFractions prototype by David JEROME (SimSci-ESSCOR)
  • CAPE-OPEN Interoperability Workshop Session 2