address : 4, allée Emile Monso - CS 44362
31030 TOULOUSE Cedex 4

phone : +33 (0)5 34 32 33 00

Approval date : 28/8/2002

Toulouse INP-ENSIACET (Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Ingénieurs en Arts Chimiques et Technologiques de Toulouse) is a unique education centre in Europe for engineering brilliance, of which the courses (engineering in chemistry and materials, process, chemical and industrial engineering) cover the entire industrial chain for matter transformation, energy and related services, starting from molecular analysis all the way to the introduction of finished products and processes to the market.

Toulouse INP-ENSIACET is a 3-year state engineering school, according to the CTI agreement and under the tutelage of the Ministry for Education, further education and research.

As of January 1, 2021, Toulouse INP-ENSIACET is an Associate Member in Group C as per the bylaws adopted on October 15, 2020.


Professor Xavier JOULIA has been representing Toulouse INP-ENSIACET in CO-LaN ever since INP-ENSIACET joined CO-LaN. As of September 1, 2021, Jean-Pierre BELAUD represents Toulouse INP-ENSIACET in CO-LaN.

CAPE-OPEN related activities

Main contributors over the years have been Jean-Pierre BELAUD, Vincent GERBAUD and Xavier JOULIA.

The Laboratoire de Génie Chimique, one of the research laboratories within Toulouse INP-ENSIACET, has been active within CAPE-OPEN since the very start, that is within the European projects that formed the basis of the CAPE-OPEN technology: CAPE-OPEN, Global CAPE-OPEN and GCO Support. ENSIACET was especially active in the interface specification of the Sequential Modular Specific Tools within the CAPE-OPEN project and in the Methods & Tools workpackage of the Global CAPE-OPEN project. ENSIACET developed the CO Update newsletter within the GCO Support project.

Jean-Pierre BELAUD, Xavier JOULIA and others at Toulouse INP-ENSIACET contributed a paper at ESCAPE 11 (May 2001, Kolding, Danemark) on a software component implementing the CAPE-OPEN numerical interfaces.

Jean-Pierre BELAUD co-authored a chapter on CAPE-OPEN in the book “Software Architectures and Tools for Computer Aided Process Engineering” edited by B. BRAUNSCHWEIG and R. GANI in 2002.

Jean-Pierre BELAUD co-authored with Michel PONS a contribution printed in a volume of Computer Aided Process Engineering and presented at ESCAPE 12 (The Hague, The Netherlands) on the current status of the CAPE-OPEN standard at the end of the Global CAPE-OPEN project.

Jean-Pierre BELAUD co-authored a paper at FOCAPO 2003 on the missions of the CAPE-OPEN Laboratories Network.

ENSIACET presented at ESCAPE 14 on a mathematical library to be brought to CAPE-OPEN standard in the near future.

Pascal FLOQUET presented at the CAPE-OPEN 2007 Annual Meeting on using the link between Matlab and Simulis Thermodynamics and the advantages brought by CAPE-OPEN.