address : IFP Energies nouvelles
1 & 4, avenue de Bois-Préau
92852 Rueil-Malmaison Cedex

phone : +33 (0)1 47 52 60 00

Approval date : 30/1/2001

IFP Energies nouvelles (IFPEN) is a major research and training player in the field of energy, transport and the environment. From research to industry, technological innovation is central to all its activities, structured around three strategic priorities: sustainable mobility, new energies and responsible oil and gas.
As part of the public-interest mission with which it has been tasked by the public authorities, IFPEN focuses on:

  • Providing solutions to take up the challenges facing society in terms of energy and climate, promoting the transition towards sustainable mobility and the emergence of a more diversified energy mix;
  • Creating wealth and jobs by supporting French and European economic activity, and the competitiveness of related industrial sectors.

An integral part of IFPEN, its graduate engineering school –IFP School –prepares future generations to take up these challenges.

IFPEN was one the organizations funding CO-LaN as a Full Member and remained a Full Member till December 31, 2010 when it moved to the status of Corporate Associate Member. As of January 1, 2021, IFPEN is in Group A of Corporate Associate Members.

Bertrand BRAUNSCHWEIG represented IFPEN in CO-LaN from its creation till March 2007. Claude MABILE was representative from March 2007 till March 2010, replaced by Alain FAVRE till Alain retired from IFPEN at the end of 2018. As of November 15, 2021, Martin GAINVILLE represents IFPEN in CO-LaN.

CAPE-OPEN related activities

Bertrand BRAUNSCHWEIG, Pascal ROUX, Martin GAINVILLE have been the major contributors to CAPE-OPEN work at IFPEN over the years. IFPEN was a member of the CAPE-OPEN and Global CAPE-OPEN projects, managing both projects. IFPEN was also a founding member of CO-LaN. Bertrand BRAUNSCHWEIG, as representative of IFPEN in CO-LaN, held the position of President from 2001 till 2004.

Martin GAINVILLE was leader of the Hydrodynamic Special Interest Group that drafted a CAPE-OPEN interface specification for hydrodynamic modules. IFPEN prototyped internally this interface specification.

Bertrand BRAUNSCHWEIG co-authored, with two academic departments at RWTH Aachen, a paper at SIIT’99 (Standardization and Innovation in Information Technology) explaining why CAPE-OPEN and what the CAPE-OPEN project delivered.

Bertrand BRAUNSCHWEIG co-authored a presentation on CAPE-OPEN at the European Refining Technology Conference held in 2001 in Paris, France.

Bertrand BRAUNSCHWEIG was one of the main contributors to the presentations at the 1st CAPE-OPEN US Conference, organized by U.S. Environmental Protection Agency on August 24-25, 2004 in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Martin GAINVILLE presented at the ATCE 2007 of the SPE on the TINA project making extensive use of CAPE-OPEN.

At the 5th CAPE-OPEN European Conference, also known as CAPE-OPEN 2008 Annual Meeting, Martin GAINVILLE, as leader of the Hydrodynamic SIG, reported on the progress made by this Special Interest Group..

At the CAPE-OPEN 2012 Annual Meeting, Laurent PIGEON and Sébastien GONNARD presented on DESULFO+ as a CAPE-OPEN Unit Operation.

At the CAPE-OPEN 2021 Annual Meeting, Martin GAINVILLE presented on the use made of CAPE-OPEN Python based applications.

At the CAPE-OPEN 2022 Annual Meeting, Martin GAINVILLE presented on the prototyping of a monitoring tool for an underground gas storage site using Python code and CAPE-OPEN components.