address : Denickestr. 15
D-21073 Hamburg

phone : +49 40 42878- 37 50

Approval date : 6/3/2003

The Institute of Solids Process Engineering and Particle Technology (SPE) has been founded as one of the  first institutes of the Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH) in 1980 by Prof. Joachim Werther.

SPE investigates physical and chemical particle rate and transport processes like classification, drying, heating and cooling of solids, combustion, incineration, gasification and pyrolysis of solid fuels, including hard and brown coals, dewatered and/ or dried sewage sludge, biomasses (e.g. wood, rice and coffee husk etc.) and different kinds of wastes. Hereby the research work is mainly directed towards combustion behavior, emission formation and reduction and  measures for emission reduction, co-combustion and gasification. The major research area of the institute is formulation and design of particles by coating, encapsulation granulation and agglomeration, mainly by spray- fluidized beds but also by spray drying.

Experimental investigations with novel developed measurement methods are supported and compared by hierarchically structured theoretical approaches. The model development includes particle based methods (DEM, population balances), continuous models (FEM, CFD) as well as steady-state and dynamic flowsheet simulations of solids processes, whereas simulations consider individual particles, bulk solids and multiphase particle laden flows. In order to meet these challenges SPE has also collaborations with numerous research groups, industrial partners, and federal institutions.

From March 2003 till June 2014, TUHH was represented by Professor Joachim WERTHER. On June 30, 2014, Professor Stefan HEINRICH was designated as the new representative of TUHH in CO-LaN.

As of January 1, 2021, TUHH is an Associate Member in Group C as per the bylaws adopted on October 15, 2020.

CAPE-OPEN related work and actions:

Matthias POGODDA attended the 1st CAPE-OPEN European Conference on February 13, 2004 in Skopau, Germany and gave a talk on the SolidSim project.

Display of CAPE-OPEN poster at ACHEMA 2006 on TUHH booth.

TUHH researchers published in 2006 on SolidSim and its CAPE-OPEN based architecture in KONA Powder and Particle Journal.

More recently TUHH has begun developing an open-source simulation framework targeted at the dynamic simulation of solids processes. A review of the current status of flowsheet simulation for solids processes lists the needs and trends in this field, including the need for interoperability as CAPE-OPEN delivers.