Picture of Krishna Murthy PENUKONDA (AVEVA), 2018.Logo of Simsci-EsscorWithin the CAPE-OPEN 2013 Annual Meeting, Krishna Murthy PENUKONDA from Invensys presented (the latest enhancements (PDF, 380 Kbytes) made to PRO/II with respect to CAPE-OPEN.

One of the main enhancements brought to PRO/II v9.2 concerns Vapor-Liquid-Liquid equilibria. If the CAPE-OPEN Property Package is supporting two liquid phases and the phase equilibrium achieved calls for both liquid phases to be present, PRO/II will display the information for both liquid phases. Similarly, if a CAPE-OPEN Unit Operation is relying on vapor-liquid-liquid equilibrium and the PRO/II generic thermodynamic model is predicting that two liquid phases are present, the 3rd party CAPE-OPEN Unit Operation will be able to make use of the corresponding results.

A number of other enhancements are also presented, some being the results of comments made by CO-LaN or AmsterCHEM during tests made with PRO/II.

Some pertains to the default user interface displayed by PRO/II on public parameters of a CAPE-OPEN Unit Operation. The display of CAPE_OPTION parameters and of CAPE_ARRAY (real, integer, boolean and option) parameters is now supported.

The display of CAPE-OPEN Thermo Systems, Property Package Managers and Property Packages has been improved for readibility and information content: it does not rely anymore solely on ProgIds.

Also a CAPE-OPEN Unit Operation with no feed stream can be added to a Flowsheet with no problem.

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