Picture of Jasper van BATEN (AmsterCHEM)Logo of CO-LaN smallWithin the CAPE-OPEN 2013 Annual Meeting, Jasper van BATEN delivered, on behalf of Bill BARRETT, the Methods & Tools SIG leader who was unable to attend, a presentation (PDF, 481 Kbytes) describing the activities of the Methods & Tools Special Interest Group over the last 12 months, i.e. from October 2012 till September 2013.

After re-stating the Methods & Tools SIG charter and its membership, the presentation focuses, CAPE-OPEN common interface per CAPE-OPEN common interface, on the work done to list errata and clarifications for each, then the presentation moves to the CAPE-OPEN object model after mentioning some aspects of Flowsheet Monitoring and of the Methods & Tools Integrated Guidelines

The work on CAPE-OPEN Common interfaces is summarized as:.

Regarding the Methods & Tools Integrated Guidelines document, there is an issue with the version of the .NET Framework used to build a PME or a PMC. So CO-LaN is developing a Primary Interop Assembly to provide a universal set of .NET based CAPE-OPEN interfaces.

Flowsheet Monitoring interface specification: some progress made in its review.

CAPE-OPEN Object Model: the intent is to provide cross-platform interoperability, designate responsibility for memory allocation and support  marshaling between different programming platforms such as native C++, .Net and JAVA. The Methods & Tools Special Interest Group will develop the scope and the roadmap of the project for the development of a comprehensive CAPE-OPEN Object Model.

Y13 COEU MethodsandTools SIG