Logo of ShellAuthor: Mark STIJNMAN (Shell Global Solutions)

Presentation (PDF, 409 Kbytes) given at the CAPE-OPEN 2015 Annual Meeting, October 13, 2015, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Abstract: the wrapping of Shell Thermodynamic server as a CAPE-OPEN software component is faced with several issues when running into various PMEs. The level of CAPE-OPEN support is different from one PME to another, confusing the end-user and making it difficult to switch entirely to CAPE-OPEN. Shell asks for a stricter CAPE-OPEN specification as to the minimal level of CAPE-OPEN support and is also looking for best practices regarding CAPE-OPEN interface implementations.

Note: Shell is questioning here a major decision taken when developing the CAPE-OPEN standard. The user interface is not part of the standard so different PMEs have vastly different ways to let their users access CAPE-OPEN standard. It is also asking for less non-mandatory interfaces and less recommendations in favor of requested functionality. A much needed functionality is the configuration of a Property Package which is not accessible through most PMEs yet and this proves to be a major problem.

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