CO-LaN Management Board held its regular monthly meeting from 2 pm till 3:30 pm Central European Time.


  • Approval of January minutes
  • Financials
    • Update on 2021 status.
  • COBIA Phase III
    • Approval for Phase III scope
  • Software Services
    • CWAF#02: Progress and spend versus budget.
    • CWAF#03: Approval of scope and budget.
  • April “Face-to-Face”
    • Confirmation of dates
    • Proposals for discussion topics
  • CO-LaN Brochure
    • Feedback on changes
  • Membership
    • Decision tree for classification of Associate Members
    • Approval of resignation notices
    • Cancellations of membership
    • Formal acknowledgement of membership
  • Actions Review
  • AOB



  • Minutes of the Management Board meeting on January 14, 2021 were approved.
  • Update on 2021 financial status:
    • flow of invoices and payments remains steady and the objective of 80 K€ in resources for 2021 is still within reach.
    • following a proposal received from an Associate Member in Group C willing to make a direct gift to CO-LaN while not having any membership dues to pay, Management Board asked Michel PONS to research on how to handle such direct gifts.
  • COBIA Phase III
  • Software Services
    • CWAF#02: Management Board reviewed the report made by MR Woodman Consulting Ltd on progress of the 2nd set of work items (also known as CWAF#02) asked from the contractors. Considering the difficulties encountered and the need to deliver COLTT in consistency with the current extent of the CAPE-OPEN standard, Management Board agreed to extend the CWAF#02 budget by 270€ to allow the work on COLTT to be completed.
    • CWAF#03: this work order prepared by MR Woodman Consulting Ltd covers the high-level design for the self-test-suite prototype. Management Board requested that 10 manhours should be added to the CWAF#3 budget to allow Marcus Bravo Fernandes Silva to participate in the design discussions. On this basis Management Board approved of CWAF#03.
  • Membership
    • Management Board approved a membership group classification decision tree that in particular states than an Associate Member that is not a commercially registered organization is automatically listed in Group C.
    • Based on the information presented, Management Board classified SimTech GmbH, ADAKOM GmbH and Struttura Informatica srl as Associate Members in Group B.
    • Management Board acknowledged the resignations received from TÜV SÜD NEL Ltd and from Virtual Materials Group. Associate Memberships of these two organizations were therefore cancelled. Management Board cancelled also the Associate Membership of MetaHeuristics LLC which is not active anymore as a company.

Next Management Board meeting will be held on March 11, 2021.