CO-LaN Management Board held its regular monthly meeting from 2 pm till 3:30 pm Central European Time.


  • Approval of February 11, 2021 minutes
  • Financials
    • Finalise 2020 accounting
    • Update on 2021 status.
  • COBIA Phase III
    • Budget for Work Package 1 of Phase III
    • Budget for maintenance of COBIA 1.2
  • Software Services
    • CWAF#02: coping with issue on CAPE-OPEN TLB/PIA
    • CWAF#03: report on software vendor input in defining the self-test suite architecture.
  • Membership
    • Classification of Associate Members
    • Approval of resignation notices
    • Cancellations of membership
  • April “Face-to-Face”
    • Agree discussion topics
  • Actions Review
  • AOB



  • Minutes of the Management Board meeting on February 11, 2021 were approved.
  • Financials
    • Management Board agreed to consider the revenues/expenses of 2020 as final and authorized the accountant to file the financial data with the tax office.
    • CTO informed Management Board of the conditions under which CO-LaN may receive direct financial gifts. After analysis Management Board decided to advertise on CO-LaN website the possibility to make such gifts.
  • COBIA Phase III
    • Management Board discussed the conditions under which AmsterCHEM will be contracted to deliver design, development and maintenance services for the COBIA development project. A budget was set aside for these activities. Contractual arrangements were defined and CTO asked to draft the necessary contract as well as the first work authorizations forms.
  • Software services
    • CWAF#02: CTO reported on an unexpected problem discovered within CWAF#02 and on the solution developed by the contractors assigned to the work and Michael HALLORAN. The Management Board agreed that this remedial work should be funded under a separate work authorization as proposed by Malcolm WOODMAN in his supervision role of software services delivered to CO-LaN.
    • CWAF#03: Oliver KOCH, representative of Linde, and Norbert ASPRION, representative of BASF, gave feedback on their discussions with some of the main software vendors on the self-test suite.
  • Membership
    • Management Board acknowledged the resignation received from SimTech GmbH. Based on the information collected, Management Board decided to cancel the membership of Struttura Informatica srl. Associate Memberships of these two organizations were therefore cancelled.
    • Actions towards several Associate Members were defined.

Next Management Board meeting will take place on April 7-8, 2021.