CO-LaN Management Board held its regular monthly meeting on September 9 from 2 pm till 3:30 pm Central European Time.


  • Approval of July 28 minutes
  • Update on 2021 finances
  • CAPE-OPEN 2021 Annual Meeting
  • CAPE-OPEN Tester Suite
  • Membership
  • IOGP-DISC: proposal of endorsement for CAPE-OPEN
  • New simulation platform AVEVA Process Simulation
  • Actions review



  • Minutes of the Management Board meeting on July 28, 2021 are approved.
  • Financials
    • The 2021 financial position is healthy with all Full Member payments, and most payments from group A and group B members, having been received.
    • A new budget line is needed for maintenance of the CAPE-OPEN Type Libraries/Primary Interop Assemblies installer through 2021.
    • An additional budget to cover further COBIA Phase II maintenance until the end of 2021 is approved.
  • CAPE-OPEN 2021 Annual Meeting
    • Decision is made to run the event as a virtual meeting using Cisco Webex.
    • Arrangements are currently made to be able to demonstrate COBIA marshalling and CAPE-OPEN Tester Suite.
  • CAPE-OPEN Tester Suite
    • Michel PONS reported that the design for the self-test prototype is complete, and a first version of the tool has been delivered. Testing and evaluation are underway.
  • Membership
    • The application for Corporate Associate Membership application from Oslo University is approved.
    • The Russian company NPT Truboprovod is now an Associate Member in Group A.
    • A change of representative from Toulouse University has occurred. The new representative is Dr Jean-Pierre Belaud, who was involved in the CAPE-OPEN and Global CAPE-OPEN projects, especially in numerical methods and Methods & Tools.
  • International Association of Oil & Gas Producers (IOGP): Richard BAUR reported on a meeting with IOGP about the DISC endorsement proposal submitted by CO-LaN. The discussion was very positive regarding CAPE-OPEN becoming the process simulation open standard for oil and gas. Approval from IOGP is expected soon..
  • New simulation platform AVEVA Process Simulation: Richard BAUR highlighted an upcoming meeting with AVEVA to discuss the role of CAPE-OPEN in their new simulation platform AVEVA Process Simulation (formally SimCentral). The meeting will make AVEVA aware of recent CAPE-OPEN developments such as COBIA and the CAPE-OPEN Tester Suite, and the improvements obtained in performance.

Next Management Board meeting will take place on October 14, 2021.


Looking forward to CAPE-OPEN 2021 Annual Meeting