CO-LaN Management Board held its monthly meeting from 10 am till 11:30 am Central European Time.


  • Approval of April minutes
  • Financial status review
  • CO-LaN Resource Planning
    • MPT’s tasks/roles summary
    • Communication Tools summary
  • COBIA Phase III
  • Software Services: CWAF#02 and CWAF#03
  • Membership
    • Applications
    • Benefits
    • Classifications



  • Minutes of meeting 198 are approved by CO-LaN Management Board.
  • Financial status: collection of membership fees from Full Members and Associate Members in Groups A and B is progressing with some delays to accommodate procurement processes.
  • Resource planning
    • Roles and tasks fulfilled by Michel Pons Technologie as CTO: the document developed to look for replacements to Michel PONS was reviewed pointing to several tasks to be added including those carried out by Bryn STENHOUSE.
    • Communication tools: the memo listing the communication tools used by CO-LaN was discussed in light of its objective to see if it was possible to simplify the usage and maintenance of the toolset for a future Chief Technology Officer/Chief Certification Officer role.
  • COBIA Phase III: Michel PONS reported that the high-level design for marshalling has been approved by the Methods & Tools Special Interest Group. Design of interfaces on marshallers is the current step.
  • Software services:
  • Membership:
    • Application by Dr David CAMERON from University of Oslo was reviewed. Management Board recommended seeking an application by University of Oslo with Dr CAMERON as its representative.
    • Benefits: Management Board discussed the possible distribution by CO-LaN of the CAPE-OPEN components developed by AmsterCHEM.
    • Classifications: based on information gathered and presented, the Management Board approved the classification of FIVES as a group C member.