Logo of Struttua InformaticaStruttura Informatica defines itself as a Software and Process Engineering Solutions provider. It has been for many years involved as a technical partner to some leading energy industries and research centres in Italy (the Research Dept. of ENEL, Italian former national electric company, ENEA and others), supporting them in the study and development of dynamic process simulation models of conventional and renewable sources power plants. As a result of these experiences Struttura Informatica has designed and developed its own platform, named ISAAC Dynamics, and a number of components and basic libraries addressed to some specific fields. ISAAC Dynamics is a general purpose tool for the process simulation, modelling activity at Struttura Informatica .

After some contacts through Professor FERMEGLIA at University of Trieste, Struttura Informatica Srl joined CO-LaN on June 6, 2010 while showing strongly interest in CAPE-OPEN. At that time Marco ZACCAGNINI, designated as representative of Struttura Informatica srl in CO-LaN, was writing “our company is strongly interested in developing CAPE-OPEN compliant models by way of our platform and to upgrade it in order to manage CAPE-OPEN compliant externally produces models”.

Struttura Informatica srl has now transferred its operations to another company called Transient Group: “Struttura Informatica – leading company in the dynamic simulation field – is proud to announce TransientGroup, a new company in which know-how, instruments and ideas that have made it great and appreciated in the whole industrial world have been transferred…Our team is specialized in the dimensioning, study and simulation of conventional co-generation, in alternative co-generation with solar mirrors, Oil&Gas plant components and more. Every work is done with the fundamental help of ISAAC Dynamics. ISAAC Dynamics is a company-owned software having a ten-year growth process. Its development has been carried out thanks to the suggestions of our team and customers, guidelines which have the purpose to meet every kind of thermodynamics and fluid dynamics request.”.

CO-LaN has had no communication from Struttura Informatica srl since mid 2013. On March 11, 2021, after obtaining no answer from its representative and from Transient Group through various channels of communication, CO-LaN Management Board decided to cancel the membership of Struttura Informatica srl in CO-LaN.