Logo of CO-LaN smallWithin its meeting on March 11, 2021, CO-LaN Management Board decided to start the work on COBIA Phase III and committed to provide a support budget for COBIA 1.2.

Considering the scope given to COBIA Phase III, as defined by Methods & Tools Special Interest Group and agreed by Management Board on February 11, 2021, focus in 2021 is on Work Package 1, i.e. the Marshaler Work Package.

The Marshaler Work Package is the initial step in Phase III and consists of developing the marshaling functionality that generalizes interoperability between COBIA-based objects and allows them to interact indirectly through proxies. The deliverables for the Marshaler Work Package update the COBIA runtime and Software Development Kit.

The current objective is to demonstrate the deliverables of Work Package 1 at the CAPE-OPEN 2021 Annual Meeting.