This document gathers a number of architectural and technical issues in order to offer to the CAPE-OPEN interface designers and CAPE-OPEN compliant components developers all the generic information needed. Several Methods & Tools guidelines were developed during the CAPE-OPEN and Global CAPE-OPEN projects. By integrating these guidelines in a single document, access to the relevant information is meant to be easier.

The document acts as reference material for further developing and implementing interfaces specific to the process simulation domain. It also gives the selection of the methods and software tools for the CAPE-OPEN standard. Main recommendations include: apply the object-oriented paradigm, take advantage of the distributed software component based approach, use the UML notation and the middleware technology.

Current version: version 1 (published in August 2003)

Revision of this document is pursued by the Methods & Tools Special Interest Group. However there is no timeline yet for such a revision to be finalized and published. CO-LaN will keep you aware of such a revision in due course.