Part of CAPE-OPEN standard versions 1.0 and 1.1.

This interface defines, on top of the Solvers specification, numerical services for systems with some variables distributed along one or several dimensions. In Partial Differential Algebraic Equations the dependent model variables depend on one or more independent variables. Independent variables are for instance spatial co-ordinates, particulate co-ordinates (in case of population balance models) or time (in case of dynamic models). Thus, models of computational fluid dynamics are also included in this class of problems.

Curent version: version 4 (published in August 2003)

This interface specification was developed by the Global CAPE-OPEN project and its version 3 was released in December 2001. The document was subsequently polished to give it a format common to most specification documents and published in August 2003. There is no Special Interest Group chartered with maintaining this interface specification.