Part of CAPE-OPEN standard versions 1.0 and 1.1

The Synthesis Report is the official final report made to the European Commission upon completion of the CAPE-OPEN project known under reference 35122 and contract BRPR-CT96-0293.

The report provides an executive summary, a description of the consortium of partners involved, a list of the technical achievements, exploitation plans and follow-up actions as well as a number of relevant references.

On completion of the CAPE-OPEN project, prototypes of CAPE-OPEN compliant software components and environments have been developed, tested and demonstrated, especially at the international ESCAPE-9 conference held in Budapest, Hungary in May 1999. This proof of feasibility for interoperability between process simulation software tools led the path to the Global CAPE-OPEN project which extended the number and domains of CAPE-OPEN interface specifications as well as established CO-LaN.

Current document: version 3 (published on June 30, 1999)

This document is not meant to be updated.