Part of CAPE-OPEN standard versions 1.0 and 1.1.

The Unit Operation Interface is a business interface specification for unit operation modules being used within modular and steady-state PMEs..

Unit Operation  Interface specificationUnit Operation interface (current document: issued in August 2012)

A Unit Operation may have several Ports that allow it to be connected to other Unit Operations and to exchange material, energy or information with them. For example, in the material case (which is also the most common), the Port is associated with a Material Object. Ports are given directions (input, output, or input-output). Unit operation also have sets of Parameters. These represent information that is not associated with the Ports, but that the Unit Operationss wish to expose to their clients. Typical examples include equipment design parameters (e.g. the geometry of a reactor) and important quantities computed by the module (e.g. the capital and operating cost of a reactor).

Current version of the specification document is 6.25. This version, a revision of the document published in 2003,  has been finalized by the UNIT Special Interest Group in November 2011 and authorized for release by CO-LaN Management Board in August 2012.

Errata & Clarifications: Errata_UO1.0_1.0.0015 (current document: issued on March 17, 2015 by the UNIT SIG.

Complements the Unit Operation Interface Specification document

This Errata & Clarifications document provides three corrections to the Unit Operation interface specification document and clarifies the flow of events of three Use Cases (Check Unit, Save Flowsheet and Retrieve Flowsheet), gives rules for zero flows in Material Objects, expands the range of report formats, and makes recommendation about the Ports. The document proposes a new named value to deal with resetting Unit Operations. A recommendation is also issued about modal dialogs.