Part of CAPE-OPEN standard versions 1.0 and 1.1

The Roadmap document has been delivered by CAPE-OPEN, a collaborative project between a group of operating companies, technology vendors and academic groups. The document is written for the benefit of the wider community who can benefit by using CAPE-OPEN results. It is a roadmap to the other documents and reports from the project that are available in the public domain. It draws also the attention of different groups of users to the relevance of CAPE-OPEN in their fields.

The document was written under the responsability of Tom MALIK, from then ICI, a partner in the CAPE-OPEN project. Tom MALIK was the Conceptual Workpackage leader in CAPE-OPEN. The document was written at the very end of the CAPE-OPEN project while the subsequent project Global CAPE-OPEN was not yet launched and neither CO-LaN was yet organized. It was meant to be a living document but it was left as is. So in terms of specifications it addresses only a subset of those available: Unit Operations, Thermodynamics, Solvers and Sequential Modular Specific Tools.

Latest public version available: version 3 (made available in January 2000)

There is no current plan to revise or update this document.