Part of CAPE-OPEN standard versions 1.0 and 1.1.

The Persistence Common Interface is an horizontal interface specification for handling concepts that may be required by any business interface. It supports basic functions and is always independent of business interfaces. It is an abstract specification which creates and documents a common conceptual model in an implementation neutral manner.

Persistence Common Interface (current document: issued in August 2003)

Persistence interface defines how models and model elements are stored and retrieved. Most simulation environments allow the possibility to store at any moment the state of a simulation case, in order to be able to restore it at any time in the future. In the CAPE-OPEN distributed environment, where different pieces of the simulation may be implemented by different vendors, the Persistence interface proposes a standard mechanism to provide this feature. This interface is different from all others, as it does not define any new method. Instead, it explains how to use standard persistence mechanisms provided by middleware (COM and CORBA) for this purpose.This document results from polishing the document issued by the Global CAPE-OPEN project. No change in design.

Errata & Clarifications: Persistence_Errata_1 0_0 008 (current document: issued on July 14, 2016)

Complements the Persistence Common Interface Specification document

This Errata & Clarifications document provides clarification on the use of the COM persistence interfaces in the context of CAPE-OPEN applications. The document provides background on COM persistence, clarifies the responsibilities of the PME and PMCs during persistence, enumerates what a PMC should save and restore, discusses the fall-back persistence procedure and defines the data types supported by IPropertyBag implementations..