Part of CAPE-OPEN standard versions 1.0 and 1.1

Focuses on the solution algorithms that are necessary for carrying out steady state and dynamic simulation of lumped systems. In particular, this includes algorithms for the solution of large, sparse systems of non-linear algebraic equations (NLAEs) and mixed (ordinary) differential and algebraic equations (DAEs). Algorithms for the solution of the large sparse systems of linear algebraic equations (LAEs) that often arise as sub-problems in the solution of NLAEs and DAEs are also considered. The CAPE-OPEN standard introduces new concepts, such as models and the equation set object (ESO), which is a software abstraction of a set of non-linear algebraic or mixed (ordinary) differential and algebraic equations.

Current version: version 1.08 (published on June 30, 1999)

This document is a deliverable of the CAPE-OPEN project and has not been revised ever since. There is no Special Interest Group chartered with maintaining this interface specification.

A successful, and much used, implementation of the CAPE-OPEN numerical interfaces exists in Diana. Use of the CAPE-OPEN Equation Set Object in Diana has been reported several times in the literature by researchers at the Max-Planck Institut. Researchers at ENSIACET have described the implementation they made of these numerical interfaces in a Numerical Services Provider. Modifications to the current interface specification have been proposed by Soares et al.