Part of CAPE-OPEN standard versions 1.0 and 1.1.

The Parameter Common Interface is an horizontal interface specification for handling concepts that may be required by any business interface. It supports basic functions and is always independent of business interfaces. It is an abstract specification which creates and documents a common conceptual model in an implementation neutral manner.

Parameter Common Interface Specification: Parameter Common Interface  (current document: issued in August 2003)

Defines a standard access to component parameters. This specification is used by CAPE-OPEN components wishing to expose some of their internal data to their clients. The interface is made up of two different parts, each corresponding to a different client need: the first part is a fixed, static aspect that describes the Parameter, such as a type, name, description, dimensionality etc. The second part deals with value of the parameter itself. It is expected that the parameter values will change quite frequently both within and outside of the component that needs it. This document results from polishing the document issued by the Global CAPE-OPEN project. No change in design.

Errata & Clarifications: Parameter_Errata_1 0_1 022  (current document: issued on February 18, 2016)

Complements the Parameter Common Interface Specification document

This document addresses the effect of various initialization and editing operations on the state of the Parameter Collection so that PMEs will know potential changes to the Parameter Collection that may result from these operations. This clarification is intended to improve the performance of a process simulation application by reducing the number of times the PME iterates through the Parameter Collection to update the state of the Parameter Collection in the PME’s graphical user interface. The document clarifies what are the static elements of the Parameters and identifies the conditions under which the static aspects can be modified. The document also clarifies the dimensionality object and defines new array elements that indicate use of absolute or relative values. Additionally the document clarifies minimum support for Parameters and array Parameters.

This interface specification is under the responsability of the Methods & Tools Special Interest Group to which inquiries and comments should be directed.