Part of CAPE-OPEN standard version 1.1.

The Flowsheet Monitoring Interface specification is a business interface specification. Flowsheet Monitoring is the ability to access all elements in a Flowsheet without interfering with the flowsheet. Flowsheet Monitoring Components are software components that can be plugged into a Flowsheet and have access to all thermodynamic property calculation methods, all Streams and all Unit Operations. .

Flowsheet Monitoring Interface specification: current document issued in July 2019.

The Flowsheet Monitoring interface specification serves a broad class of process-based applications that require process information that can most effectively be obtained directly from the Flowsheet. Typically, these applications do not modify the Flowsheet itself, but rather acquire information about the process being investigated directly from objects in the Flowsheet. Flowsheet Monitoring is a mechanism for providing this direct access to the objects contained in the Flowsheet. These applications typically perform analysis of the Flowsheet after it has been calculated to a converged state.

Current version of the specification document is 1.58. This version has been developed by the Methods & Tools Special Interest Group and authorized for release by CO-LaN Management Board on July 11, 2019.