Part of CAPE-OPEN standard versions 1.0 and 1.1.

The Error Handling Common Interface is an horizontal interface specification for handling concepts that may be required by any business interface. It supports basic functions and is always independent of business interfaces. It is an abstract specification which creates and documents a common conceptual model in an implementation neutral manner.

Error Handling Common Interface specificationError Common Interface (current document: issued in August 2003)

Error Handling defines how to manage execution errors (abnormal terminations). When a request is made, if this request is successful it raises no error, otherwise it raises an error. When an error occurs, the execution is immediately aborted. This Error Handling interface gives a classification and a hierarchy of potential errors occurring in CAPE-OPEN compliant components. All CAPE-OPEN components must implement it. This document results from polishing the document issued by the Global CAPE-OPEN project. No change in design.

Errata & Clarifications: there is no Errata and Clarifications document being currently developed (current document: none).

Developers are encouraged to address their comments about errors or need for clarifications to the Methods & Tools Special Interest Group who is in charge of this interface specification.