On October 2, 2018 CO-LaN has been notified that Schneider Electric Software LLC is being substituted by AVEVA™ Group, plc as Corporate Associate Member in CO-LaN.

Dave BLUCK has been the representative of INVENSYS/Simsci and then of Schneider Electric in CO-LaN since CO-LaN was created. Dave has been a part time retiree/employee for a while and he has been progressively transferring his responsibilities. For many years now Krishna Murthy PENUKONDA has been the active person in areas of CAPE OPEN for PRO/II. Consequently Krishna Murthy PENUKONDA has been named as representative of AVEVA™ Group, plc in CO-LaN as of now.

Picture of Krishna Murthy PENUKONDA (AVEVA), 2018.Krishna Murthy is well known within CO-LaN, having led the UNIT SIG for many years and having attended many CAPE-OPEN Annual Meetings presenting there both the activity reports of the UNIT SIG and updates on the CAPE-OPEN technology as implemented in PRO/II. He has a leading role in the maintenance and implementation of CAPE-OPEN interfaces in PRO/II. Krishna Murthy was also the recipient of the CAPE-OPEN 2013 Award in recognition of his work on the Petroleum Fractions interface specification and its implementation.

CO-LaN welcomes Krishna Murthy PENUKONDA is his additional role within CO-LaN.