Logo of CO-LaN smallOn February 4, 2003, the CAPE-OPEN Laboratories Network held its Annual General Assembly of Members at BP Research and Engineering Centre in Sunbury-on-Thames, UK.

The Full Members present were:

  • BASF represented by Ronald-Alexander KLEIN
  • BP represented by Peter BANKS
  • Dow  represented by Werner MERK
  • IFP represented by Bertrand BRAUNSCHWEIG
  • Norsk Hydro represented by Hnut Wiig MATHISEN
  • Shell Chemicals represented by Hans PINGEN
  • TotalFinaElf represented by Michel PONS

The Associate Members present were:

  • FANTOFT represented by David CAMERON
  • Infochem represented by Richard SZCZEPANSKI
  • PSE Ltd represented by Ben KEEPING
  • RWTH-I5 represented by Jörg KOELLER

Michael HALLORAN and Daniel PINÕL, both from Aspentech, were CO-LaN guests.

Picture of Bertrand BRAUNSCHWEIGBertrand BRAUNSCHWEIG opened the meeting by explaining that the bylaws changes associated with the adoption of Full and Associate membership have been notified to the appropriate authorities, as required by French law.

At the end of 2002 there were 10 Full Members and 22 Associate Members.  However, Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation has resigned due to a change in strategy and it is unlikely that JGC will confirm membership for 2003.  AspenTech have not yet formally become an Associate Member, although they are participating and have indicated their intention to join.

The issue of membership was regarded as urgent by the meeting and all were requested to think of ways to encourage other companies to join and also to provide appropriate contact names in the target companies.

The EU has now released the 50k€ refund of unspent GCO funds, although CO-LaN has not yet received it. The PPDB plug Tester has been developed partly on 2001 and partly on 2002. The SMST plug Tester and the MINLP plug Tester have been both entirely developed and paid in 2002.

The CO-LaN web site has been completely revised, using openCMS underlying software.  The work has been done by RWTH-I5 and funded by GCO Support.  However, from May 2003 the web site development and maintenance will have to be funded by CO-LaN.

A new logo and leaflet have been created to support on-going marketing activities. During the year, CO-LaN members have presented CO-LaN material at 11 conferences: IMS Steering Committee, ESCAPE 12, CHISA 2002, ECTP 2002, 52nd Canadian Chemical Engineering, RCCT 2002, CIQ 2002, SIMO 2002, AIChE, AspenWorld 2002, FOCAPO (2003). There have also been CAPE-OPEN Tour Days at 6 company sites: IFP, Dow, BASF, Bayer, ICI and Shell.

The Annual Meeting of Members endorsed the above activity report.

Picture of Michel PONSMichel PONS, representing TotalFinaElf, gave the financial report as Treasurer of CO-LaN.

The level of financial activity in 2002 has been determined by the revenue shortfall in membership fees.  Only seven of the ten expected full membership fees have been received, but, despite that, useful progress has been made, the budget has remained in balance and the reserve has been maintained at 84,527.64 €.

The financial details are summarised in the table below and reflect the activities described in the Status Report above.

The Full Members present endorsed the Financial report for 2002.

Expenses (in €)69007.00
Revenues (in €)71392.80
Member fees70000.00
Interest received1392.80


Finally a new Management Board was elected with IFP (represented by B. BRAUNSCHWEIG) as President, with Dow (represented by W. MERK) as Vice-President, with BP (represented by P. BANKS) as Secretary, with TOTAL (represented by M. PONS) as Treasurer, with BASF (represented by Ronald-Alexander KLEIN), Norsk Hydro (represented by Knut Wiig MATHISEN) and Shell Global Solutions (represented by H. PINGEN) as Members.