TOTALOn November 22, 2016, Philippe BAPTISTE, Chief Technology Officer at TOTAL, has informed CO-LaN that TOTAL will be withdrawing from CO-LaN as of December 31, 2016.

ELF, prior to its merger with TOTAL that was initiated in 1999, had been involved in CAPE-OPEN since 1995, initially within the industrial consortia OO-CAPE and OS-CAPE and then in the European funded project CAPE-OPEN. Next TOTAL participated in the European funded Global CAPE-OPEN and GCO Support projects that completed the work done in the CAPE-OPEN project. TOTAL was a founding member of CO-LaN in 2001. TOTAL has indeed been pushing for CAPE-OPEN to happen, has led workpackages and participated in the steering committees of all CAPE-OPEN related projects, has been promoting CAPE-OPEN to many of its industrial and academic partners (at Scandpower and at Tulsa University), has been using CAPE-OPEN in a number of its engineering activities with results have been published in collaboration with various parties involved (GLCC, TUWAX, TINA), and has filled the Treasurer position within CO-LaN for many years.

While recognizing that TOTAL has had a very good experience working with CO-LaN over the many years of its involvement in CAPE-OPEN, Philippe BAPTISTE stated that TOTAL’s interest in CAPE-OPEN has been decreasing over the recent years and does not anymore justify TOTAL’s participation in CO-LaN.

CO-LaN Management Board regrets to see TOTAL leaving CO-LaN.