Logo of CO-LaN smallAt the very start of the 3rd CAPE-OPEN European Conference, also known as the CAPE-OPEN 2006 Annual Meeting, held in Cannes, France, DOW (represented by Werner MERK) and IFP (represented by Bertrand BRAUNSCHWEIG) respectively presented the status report for 2005 and the financial report for 2005 (along with the budget proposed for 2006).

The reports were presented in front of representatives of 27 members out of the 53 members of CO-LaN.

The status report was unanimously endorsed by the six Full Members present: Air Liquide, BASF, BP, DOW, IFP and SHELL.

The financial report for 2005 shows a deficit of 18400 euros. The income and expenditure report was unanimously approved by the Full Members present as well as the transfer of deficit from the accumulated funds.

The proposed budget for 2006 leads to an expected loss of 60 K€. The Full Member fee for 2006 is kept at 10 K€ as for the previous years. The proposed budget for 2006, including the amount set for the fee paid by Full Members, was unanimously approved by the Full Members present.

Next the Management Board for 2006 was elected with the following results:

President: DOW (represented by Werner MERK seconded by Kerry IRONS)

Vice-President: SHELL (represented by Ray DICKINSON)

Treasurer: IFP (represented by Bertrand BRAUNSCHWEIG)

Secretary: BP (represented by Peter BANKS seconded by Malcolm WOODMAN)

Member: BASF (represented by Ronald-Alexander KLEIN)

Member: TOTAL (represented by Jacques BOUSQUET)