CAPE-WP_logoSeveral Netherlands Congress Centre, The Hague, venue of ESCAPE 12, May 26-29, 2002presentations on CAPE-OPEN achievements and perspectives were given at the ESCAPE-12 conference in The Hague, Netherlands, on May 27, 2002.

The first paper, TRIZ AND THE EVOLUTION OF CAPE TOOLS – FROM FLOWTRAN TO CAPE-OPEN AND BEYOND, by B. Braunschweig and K. Irons, gives an overview of the trends towards more flexible process modelling software.

The second paper, “Open Software Architecture for Process Simulation: The Current Status of CAPE-OPEN Standard“, by J.P. BELAUD and Michel PONS, presents an up-to-date account of the standard. The full length paper is published in volume 10 of Computer Aided Chemical Engineering.

A third paper by researchers at Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya describes the CAPE-OPEN interface specification for Parameter Estimation and Data Reconciliation that they developed within the Global CAPE-OPEN project.

ESCAPE-12 saw also a joint presentation from Aspen Technology Inc. and Fluent Inc. where a reactor CFD model developed in Fluent was calculated within a flowsheet with recycle developed in Aspen Plus. This represented an achievement of the APECS project. The presentation led to a paper by S. ZITNEY and M. SYAMLAL published in volume 10 of Computer Aided Chemical Engineering.

Not to be forgotten is also the paper jointly authored by Max-Planck-Institut für Dynamik komplexer technischer Systeme and Universität Stuttgart that descibes how well the CAPE-OPEN Equation Set Object performs to analyze an existing process model with a powerful continuation method. The process model is implemented in gPROMS and the solver in DIVA.