To provide tools and advice to support the achievement of CAPE-OPEN interoperability and to carry out interoperability testing where appropriate.

Key responsibilities

  • Provide appropriate tools to support the achievement of CAPE-OPEN interoperability by PMC and PME developers.
  • Develop and maintain the CO-LaN portfolio of interoperability tools, currently focusing on the CO Logging and Testing Tool (COLTT). The CO Tester suite and the Wizards for creating CO components are also within scope, and will be addressed when time permits.
  • Use the suite of vendor-licensed software available to CO-LaN to assist in interoperability testing where appropriate.


Malcolm WOODMAN – leader, Michael HALLORAN, Michel PONS (CO-LaN CTO).

Deliverables for 2017

  • Lessons learnt from the developement of TLB/PIA installers (internal CO-LaN document).
  • Updated roadmap for COLTT
  • Dissemination of the use of the CAPE-OPEN TLB/PIA installers

2016 Deliveries


The Interoperability SIG meets at least once per month.


Within playlist on CAPE-OPEN video channel

As presentations on this website.

Reports delivered:

in October 2018

in October 2017

In February 2004