Michael HALLORAN worked as a senior developer at Aspentech in Cambridge (UK). As such he was part of the Interoperability Task Force during the Global CAPE-OPEN project, working closely with Hyprotech and Infochem to check the implementation of CAPE-OPEN interfaces in Aspen Plus from Aspentech, in Hysys from then Hyprotech and in MultiFlash from Infochem. The amazing progress made through this joint effort supervised by Peter BANKS and Malcolm WOODMAN at BP, earned him, and the other software vendor representatives involved, to be the recipient of the CAPE-OPEN 2002 Award.

Michael was very involved in the design and writing of the new version of the Thermodynamic and Physical Properties interface specification, known as version 1.1. Michael also developed the first example of a CAPE-OPEN Unit Operation being made widely available, a Mixer/Splitter which, for a number of years, was distributed by Aspentech together with releases of Aspen Plus. Michael also served as consultant to other parties within the first edition of the Consultancy Scheme sponsored by CO-LaN. He helped organizations like AixCAPE e.V. develop their own CAPE-OPEN software components.

After leaving Aspentech for AVEVA, Michael HALLORAN was retained as a part-time consultant by CO-LaN starting in May 2006 and the contractual relationship has been renewed till mid 2021 when Michael decided to enjoy fully his retirement. Michael has been instrumental in designing COLTT, the CAPE-OPEN Logging and Testing Tool and has been maintaining and developing the software since 2009.

Major deliverables for CO-LaN:

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