Revise and develop the necessary CAPE-OPEN interface standards for the use of Refinery Reactor models in Process Modelling Environments

Key responsibilities

  • Develop required extensions to existing interface specifications necessary to implement refinery reactor models as CAPE OPEN This may lead to the creation of new interfaces.
  • Promote implementation of petroleum fractions in PMEs and PMCs.
  • Deliver results back to the existing SIGs whereon this SIG can be closed.


No current leader

Deliverables for 2009

  • Engage unit and thermo SIG on modifications required for petroleum fractions.
  • Further refine scenarios to cover functionality required for implementation.
  • Initiate approval process of the petroleum fractions interface specification.
  • Finalize two independent prototypes for demonstration at the 2010 Conference.


No meeting scheduled.


In February 2006, the creation of a Special Interest Group dedicated to Refinery Reactors was proposed by BP and Shell. The kick-off meeting took place on June 20-21, 2006 at BP offices near Chicago.

Objectives of this SIG currently assigned to the UNIT SIG.