Develop hydrodynamic interface specification

Key responsibilities

  • Manage the development of the hydrodynamic interface specification
  • Develop prototypes to prove the applicability of the standard
  • Contact organizations and companies that may be interested in hydrodynamic interfaces and propose then to join the SIG (CO-LaN membership mandatory)


No current leader

Deliverables for 2010 (as approved by Management Board on June 23, 2010)

  • Didactic documentation to promote the utility of the standard
  • Document describing the hydrodynamic interface specification and the main scenarios of usage for these interfaces (end of April)
  • Scope of work, responsibilities and planning for the implementation of prototypes (end of April)
  • Prototypes implementing the interface specification (end of 2010)


No meeting scheduled


Activity report for 2007 and early 2008 presented at the 5th CAPE-OPEN European Conference.


Status report of Hydrodynamic interface specification given at TMF 5 (2010)