AspenTechAspen Plus solves the critical engineering and operating problems that arise throughout the lifecycle of a chemical process, such as designing a new process, troubleshooting a process unit or optimizing operations of a full process like an Acrylic Acid plant. The process simulation capabilities of Aspen Plus enables engineers to predict the behavior of a process using basic engineering relationships such as mass and energy balances, phase and chemical equilibrium, and reaction kinetics. With reliable thermodynamic data, realistic operating conditions and the rigorous Aspen Plus equipment models, they can simulate actual plant behavior.

Aspentech states that Aspen Plus V8 supports as follows CAPE-OPEN version 1.0 Interfaces:

  • CAPE-OPEN Unit Operation Socket – sequential modular
    • Allows any CAPE-OPEN Unit to be used in an Aspen Plus Simulation
  • CAPE-OPEN Thermodynamics Socket
    • Allows CAPE-OPEN Property Packages to be used to provide property calculations in Aspen Plus simulations.
  • CAPE-OPEN Reactions Interfaces
    • A partial implementation to allow Unit Operations to access Reaction schemes

Using CAPE-OPEN interfaces of Aspen Plus: