Within the 2nd CAPE-OPEN European Meeting held in Como, Italy on February 17, 2005, Ross TAYLOR (ChemSep) presented a run of ChemSep as a CAPE-OPEN Unit Operation in Aspen Plus.

The run is captured within the presentation made (PDF, 1183 Kbytes).


The run starts from the HDA process flowsheet in Aspen Plus. A block representing a distillation column and modelled using the distillation column model out of Aspen Plus library of unit operations, is replaced by ChemSep Unit Operation. The ChemSep Unit Operation is connected to the input and output streams present in the Flowsheet, is configured and then run. Results are displayed such as the composition and conditions of the streams entering and leaving the column, the summary of the interaction between ChemSep UO and Aspen Plus, as well as plots of the composition and temperature profiles along the column.


CO-LaN is not making any recommendation about usage of either software demonstrated here. Neither CO-LaN is providing any guaranty that these two pieces of software will perform adequately through CAPE-OPEN interfaces in all circumstances. The result of this test is provided solely for demonstration purposes.